Experience Pilates apparatus training with our professional team of instructors

Emily Rothman     304.610.5377

Emily received her Pilates training and certification from Joseph Pilates’ successor,master teacher Romana Kryzanovska, in New York City in 1991. Emily’s teaching style follows the classical method created  by Pilates 90 years ago. $70 per session.

Megan Clark      970.209.3537

Megan has been teaching Pilates since 2008 when she first became certified. Her energetic approach embraces both her love for the outdoors and exercise. Megan will be offering additional small group training packages for 3-4 people at $25pp. $70 per session.

Lisa Griggs     970.901.5093

Lisa's extensive background in Physical Therapy in conjunction with her knowledge of the mucsculoskeletal system, movement analysis, and pathology of the human body allow her to aid post rehab clients and teach injury prevention in her Pilates instruction. $70 per session.